California Unleashes a Massive Market for Legal Cannabis

Image credit: David McNew | Getty Images

From “I brought in the New Year with Nathan Vosburg, Mayor of Coalinga, California, who became the first patron to make a recreational cannabis purchase at 420 Central, a dispensary in Santa Ana, Orange County. His small town of 10,000 in Central California expects to see their single approved cannabis dispensary open sometime late Spring.

“”The number one goal of our Coalinga dispensary is to provide the medical remedies to people of our town in need of them,” Vosburg told me. The people of Coalinga were given the opportunity to decide what they wanted, and they voted for it. And the city tax on cannabis sales is 10 percentĀ of gross revenue. They wanted that, too.

The opportunity is a rare gem for a small town located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles near Interstate 5 with few jobs and resources. “Our city is in debt, and we need this,” Vosburg revealed. “With fewer police officers and failed tax, even some of the naysayers are hoping the Green Rush will deliver the jobs and tax revenue for our city.”

Source: California Unleashes a Massive Market for Legal Cannabis